Pioneer Historical Society        
             McRae Helena, Georgia
                                  Established in 1976

    Pioneer Historical Society       McRae Helena Georgia        
Established in 1976

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Telfair Museum of History

The Telfair Museum of History was established to help celebrate the county's bicentennial in 2007. It is located on Forsyth Street in Helena, adjacent to the Savannah, Americus, and Montgomery Railroad and is housed in the historic freight depot. Also on site are a restored Railway Express truck and caboose. 

The Museum's collection has display sections dealing with our historic agriculture, naval stores, and timber occupations as well as the modes of transportation utilized to sustain those endeavors. Other displays introduce the county's communities, notable individuals/families, record setting hunting and fishing, Native Americans that lived in the area, early Spanish exploration, historic schools and cemeteries, and historic maps and documents

The museum's collection includes the original George Perry replica of the world record large mouth bass George caught at Montgomery Lake in Telfair in 1932. It remains the world record today.

A section of the collection is devoted to Major General James E. Livingston, USMC, a native son and Medal of Honor recipient for heroic action in Vietnam. Also included in the section on notable individuals are Marion Folsom, member of Eisenhower cabinet and author of the Social Security Act of 1935, and the father and son - Gene and Herman Talmadge, both governors of Georgia.

Films are available in the museum’s DVD area including a DVD concerning Medal of Honor recipients, a commercial DVD about the quest for the big bass, a National Geographic special about the latest attempts to break the large mouth bass record, and the most recent addition - the PHS Telfair Historical DVD based on a series of 8mm films taken by Dr. Callahan. Also, there is a DVD for the Last R.A.F.T. depicting the recreation of the rafting on the Ocmulgee River.

The museum is currently closed.