Pioneer Historical Society        
             McRae Helena, Georgia
                                  Established in 1976

    Pioneer Historical Society       McRae Helena Georgia        
Established in 1976

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Editor’s Note:  The articles reproduced on this web page are the product of the research and interests of Julian Williams. Now deceased, Julian hailed from Jacksonville, Georgia and held a life-long interest in its history. Not only was Julian interested in the history of Jacksonville, he was devoted to the history of Telfair County and the surrounding area as well.

This series of articles included on this page were written by Julian beginning in the late 1990s and continued until his death in 2015. Most of these articles were published in the Douglas Enterprise from 2002 until sometime in 2004. Others are taken from his notes and unpublished manuscripts. Many of these articles were included in his books, which are still available.

From time to time, his articles will be transcribed and presented on this website. Much care has been taken to transcribe the articles exactly as Julian wrote them with minor editorial edits, mainly centered on typographical errors that inevitably occur when articles are published. In no way have the article been altered. This standard will be true throughout the process of republishing the stories Julian loved to tell.  Appreciation is extended to Julian’s wife, Joanne, who has graciously made Julian’s material available to the Pioneer Historical Society.