Pioneer Historical Society        
             McRae Helena, Georgia
                                  Established in 1976

    Pioneer Historical Society       McRae Helena Georgia        
Established in 1976

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The Pioneer Historical Society needs your support

  How Can I help?

The Pioneer Historical Society is presently involved in three major efforts other than the TCA. We continue to improve the quality and quantity of the Telfair Museum of History collection. As it stands today, the collection is the result of the generous donations of numerous individuals and many hours of effort by members of PHS. The most difficult task relative to the museum is to generate and sustain interest in its collection. You can truly help by visiting the museum, showing an interest in the many displays, and by adding to the collection through the generous donation of items of historical interest to others. Perhaps your church, class or organization would care to visit, participate or contribute.


The second major PHS effort is to continue the documentation process to recognize the county's historic structures through nomination to the National Register. Currently, the County Courthouse, County Jail , Old South Georgia College Administration Building, and the Max and Emma Sue McRae House are on the National Register of Historic Places. The county has an abundance of structures that appear eligible for similar recognition. The nomination process takes time, talent and most of all, interest. The society is presently working on the nominations for additional historic homes. Would you like to help? Much of the research is time consuming but requires no specialized education.

The third major PHS effort is to secure donors from a variety of sources. Financial donors are always welcome, but a donor can be someone who volunteers time to assist with a PHS program, a TCA event, or a Museum artifact donation. Donors are not restricted to one type item (fresh brownies are always great at an event). PHS has to apply for grants to repair TCA and to offer the community top quality events. Community support, event attendance, or donors rank high on a grant evaluation


We need your support.

Always one of the best and easiest ways to help the society is to participate/attend community events prepared by the society. Look out for upcoming concerts, art shows, etc. held at the Telfair Center for the Arts. Get out and have fun! Tell your friends about us. Any support is most appreciated!

Thank you!   


 Opportunities available include: 

Donations to PHS --Monetary, Vehicles

Items sold:

Books by Julian Williams.

(All proceeds support the Pioneer Historical Society and sales are tax deductible.)