Art Show and Sale 2009 Art Show and Sale 2009 Artist - Vinx Interesting paintings from this internationally known vocalist and percussonist. 30657035 Artist - Wes Hicks Some of the original watercolors of historic homes used in the "White Columns of Telfair" '' series of note cards. 30657036 Artist - Wes Hicks Original watercolors by the owner of Little Creek Art Studio located in McRae. 30657037 Artist - Maxine Helmey Noted Georgia artist's paintings at the PAHS exhibit. Maxine's gallery is in Savannah. 30657038 Artist - Butler Brown Butler's work was hung in the White House by the Carters. He has galleries in Hawkinsville and Warner Robins. 30657279 Artist - Henry Gorham Henry calls McRae home. He has won many awards and is recognized throughout Georgia. His studio is here in McRae. 30657280 Artist - Henry Gorham Henry's paintings envision late 19th, early 20th century afro-american life in an imagined Smallville located in rural Georgia. 30657281 PAHS Art Exhibit/Sale March 2009 The artists- Wes Hicks, Maxime Helmey, Henry Gorham and Butler Brown. Vinx was on tour but was represented by his mother Janet Parrette and aunt Jean Maura. 30657282