Telfair Center for the Arts Telfair Center for the Arts The Center Spring 2010 Photo used for grant application to Lowe's Charitable and Educaional Foundation April 2010 There were only two awards from over 30 submissions from Georgia. 103651988 This Place Matters Members of PAHS with their "This Place Matters" sign. Part of a National Trust for Historic Preservation initative to gain national recognition to historic structures through out the USA. 103651984 TCA Lobby The Telfair Center for the Arts lobby after completion of restoration. 103651985 TCA Lobby The Telfair Center for the Arts restored lobby. Note new fire extingusher added as part of effort to upgrade safety systems including newly installed fire alarm system. 103651986 TCA Auditorium The auditorium's newly uphostered seats and the stage screen that was installed in 1982. 103651987 TCA Auditorium The Audiorium balcony seats 160. To be reopened during the next phase of restoration/rehabilitation. 103651989 TCA Auditorium The stage is 20 x 40, 20 x 25 between the drops. Note the Society's Baldwin Baby Grand which remains in concert condition. Also, the podium restored by member Clyde Burnham. 103651990 TCA Auditorium Rehersal for the Trubadors Gathering - the first event held after the TCA opened for events in March 2010. The Gathering was part of Vinx's Soul Kitchen that was held quarterly in McRae for aspiring song writers. 103651983 Georgia Power Foundation Mike Garret, CEO of Georgi Power, a Southern Company, presents a $25K donation to Annis Dominey, Pioneer Historical Society President for the installation of four 5 ton heat pumps and associated duct work. 103651991 TCA Box Grand This fine antique box grand piano was recently donated to the Center and is the center piece of the Associate's Reception Roon that is currently under restoration. 103651992 Top Windows 195197533 West Wing 195197534 Chandelier 195197535 Lounge Area 195197736 Balcony Panel 195198545